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avatar for Brent


Company DreamHost
Position Product Marketing




Company Turkcell
Position Manager




Company sina.com
Position Beijing, China




avatar for Shevek


Shevek is an expert programmer who has worked on cutting edge research in systems and security, compilers and language design, algorithms and optimization. He is capable of maintaining a very straight face under questioning on topics including "Why is our printer playing 'happy birthday'?" or "What is that message doing on the side of that building?" His recent work focused on big data infrastructure and analytics, working mostly with Hadoop. He received a Doctorate in Computing on the Formalization of Protection Systems from the University of Bath, England, and has solved hairy security probl… Read more





Simon Anderson

I live, I ride, I ski, I shoot pictures (kindof), I miss Australia (sometimes), I smile a lot, I love my family, I am Simon.
Location Los Angeles, California



Stephen Anderson

Company Intel corporation
Position virtualization cloud engineering


avatar for Geoff Arnold

Geoff Arnold

I've taken a long geek arc from the UK to the US, through Raytheon, Mosaic Technologies, Sun Microsystems, Amazon.com, Huawei Technologies, Yahoo!, and Vyatta (Brocade). Today I'm working at Cisco in the Cisco Cloud Services organization. While most people focus on the benefits of cloud computing to the DevOps user, I'm equally excited by the potential for IaaS to enable a revolution in infrastructure innovation - compute, networking, storage.
Company Cisco
Position Cloud architect
Location San Jose, California


avatar for Joe Arnold

Joe Arnold

Joe founded SwiftStack to deploy high-scale, cloud storage systems using OpenStack.

Joe managed the first public OpenStack launch of Swift independent of Rackspace deploying multiple large-scale cloud storage systems. He went on to co-found SwiftStack and serves as CEO. SwiftStack powers enterprises with a software defined storage platform, built on the OpenStack Swift object storage engine, to build a massively scalable private cloud.

Prior to working with OpenStack, Joe was the Director of engineering at Cloudscaling, where he managed OpenStack deployments at KT and Internap. Joe also headed u… Read more
Company SwiftStack
Position Founder / CPO SwiftStack
Location San Francisco, California



Jacek Artymiak

Jacek has been teaching developers and business decision makers about the cloud since 2006. He's been advising startups in the UK and Poland on how to use the Rackspace Hosting, Inc.'s cloud services since 2010. He's been involved in the OpenStack documentation efforts since 2011.

Jacek has a long history of technical writing and consulting in the IT industry. He published his first article in 1991 and his first book in 2000. He blogs regularly in Polish and English.


avatar for James Ash

James Ash

OpenStack based public clouds!
Company HP Cloud
Position Sr. Sales Executive
Location San Francisco, California


avatar for Yazz  Atlas

Yazz Atlas

EntropyWorks! As seen on TV!
Doing DevOps things with and in the cloud. Located physically in Seattle WA.
Company EntropyWorks Inc
Position CTO
Location Seattle



Orion Auld

Company SwiftStack


avatar for David Baden

David Baden

David Baden has been the CTO of Radio Free Asia since its inception in 1996. With over 35 years in audio electronics and 30 years in the broadcast field he has witnessed the evolution of broadcast content creation and management from the analog to digital domains including content delivery methods from terrestrial broadcast to web based distribution methods.  David Baden will discuss Radio Free Asia’s use of Piston Cloud to distribute content into internet restrictive environments and the challenges of implementing the technology in technically limited remote locations.



Walter Batterson

Company Brinkster Communications
Position Senior Systems Administrator
Location Gilbert, Arizona



Andrew Bayer

Well, that's what happens when you listen to Saint Scott Walker. On headphones. On the bus.
Company Cloudera
Position Build Engineer
Location San Francisco, California


avatar for Somik Behera

Somik Behera

Somik Behera is one of the founding members of the OpenStack Quantum (now Neutron) project and was a Founding Core Developer on the Quantum project. Somik currently works for VMware/Nicira, helping accelerate adoption of Network Virtualization in Cloud environments and enable large scale Public and Private Cloud deployments using Open Cloud Technologies and VMware NSX Network Virtualization platform.
Prior to Nicira, Somik spent 6 years at VMware, where he was a founding member of VMware CapacityIQ 1.0 product line and vCenter Operations "1.0" product lines. 
Somik was also a key contributor … Read more
Company VMware
Position Product Line Manager - NSX Security
Location San Francisco, California



Marco Di Benedetto

Company Embrane
Position CTO


avatar for Caitlin Bestler

Caitlin Bestler

Caitlin Bestler is Sr. Director of Architecture at Nexenta Systems. Caitlin first dealt with extremely large distributed systems in the form of cable TV control systems that required keeping the data retained by each set-top box coherent with the headend databases. The number of set-tops to be managed was typically more than 100,000 but the data per set-top was quite small – literally under 64 bytes. Now she works on distributed systems that involve mere thousands of servers, but with considerably more data.

The transition was a startup called Ikadega where she worked on the architecture of a…

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avatar for Randy Bias

Randy Bias

Randy's provocative views on the profound disruption caused by cloud computing have made Randy Bias one of the most influential voices in the industry. Randy uses this influence to advocate an open and honest debate about which technologies will win in driving clouds to large-scale adoption. He has inspired organizations and individuals to embrace the disruption of cloud computing to transform business processes and position themselves to succeed in a new world where computing resources are ubiquitous, inexpensive, instantly scalable, and highly available.

Since 1990, Randy has driven innovatio…

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Joe Breu

Company Rackspace Managed Hosting
Position Deployment Engineer, Rackspace Cloud Builders
Location Cibolo, Texas


avatar for Jonathan Bryce

Jonathan Bryce

Jonathan Bryce, who has spent his career building the cloud, is Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation. Previously he was a founder of The Rackspace Cloud.

He started his career working as a web developer for Rackspace, and during his tenure, he and co-worker Todd Morey had a vision to build a sophisticated web hosting environment where users and businesses alike could turn to design, develop and deploy their ideal web site – all without being responsible for procuring the technology, installing it or making sure it is built to be always available. This vision became The Rack… Read more
Company OpenStack Foundation
Position Executive Director


avatar for Greg Burek

Greg Burek

Location Alameda, California


avatar for Chet Burgess

Chet Burgess

Chet is the Vice President of Engineering and part of the founding team at Metacloud.

In that role, he is responsible for all engineering and architecture and helps ensure that the solutions delivered by Metacloud are available, redundant, and scalable.

Chet has more than 18 years of experience working on interesting problems in IT. His career started at a VAR building computer and small business networks. Since then he has held a number of positions including the Director of Enterprise Unix Systems at the University of Southern California (which he graduated from in 2006) and Senior Systems Ar… Read more
Company Metacloud
Position Vice President, Engineering
Location Pasadena, CA


avatar for Dave Cahill

Dave Cahill

Company SolidFire
Position VP Corporate & Business Development
Location Boulder, CO


avatar for Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell is the manager of the Rackspace Developer Relations Group and the lead developer for the php-opencloud library and the little-known Siteframe website framework. His computing experience started in the 1970's programming the COSMAC ELF and changing tubes in an IBM magnetic ledger card reader. He worked on the OpenStack Compute project, including the integration of Rackspace's Next Generation Cloud Servers product, and has presented at various conferences since the early 1990's. Formerly a manager and senior architect at Yahoo!, he has experience in building and deploying extremely… Read more
Company Rackspace Cloud
Position Manager, Developer Relations Group
Location San Antonio, Texas



Jason Cannavale

Jason is a Principal Architect with 10 years of experience in the IT industry that includes a diverse background in system and network administration, high performance computing, and software engineering. In four years at Rackspace he has had many different roles, most recently as the Engineering Lead for theRack Connect product launch. Jason is primarily focused on Rackspace Cloud Private Edition and large scale OpenStack deployments for enterprise customers.


avatar for Devin Carlen

Devin Carlen

One of Nebula's three co-founders and VP of Engineering, Devin Carlen is a significant contributor to the company's open source foundation and to its depth of technical expertise in private cloud computing. He was one of the original engineers of OpenStack while working on the NASA Nebula project, and is the lead for the Dashboard Project, the front end of OpenStack. Following NASA, he joined Anso Labs as CTO and influenced mainstream adoption of OpenStack. When Rackspace acquired Anso Labs, he became a key member of the company's Cloud Builders team.


avatar for Erik Carlin

Erik Carlin

Erik Carlin joined Rackspace in 2008.  As Chief Architect, he helped launch and grow Cloud Servers as well as innovate, integrate, and optimize multiple services across the Rackspace Cloud portfolio.  Erik has been involved in OpenStack since its inception and helped launch the quantum and mélange projects.  Erik currently serves as Director of Product for the Cloud Compute Product line which includes Cloud Servers and Cloud Networks.  Prior to joining Rackspace, Erik was Chief Infrastructure Architect for SRA International, where he helped architect solutions for large, complex enterprise and…

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avatar for Mark Carlson

Mark Carlson

Mark A. Carlson, Principal Cloud Strategist at Oracle, has more than 30 years of experience with Networking and Storage development and more than fifteen year's experience with Java technology. Mark was one of the authors of the CDMI Cloud Storage standard. He has spoken at numerous industry forums and events. He is the chair of the SNIA Cloud Storage, NDMP and XAM SDK technical working groups, chairs the DMTF Policy working group, serves on the SNIA Technical Council, and represents Oracle on the DMTF Technical Committee and serves as DMTF VP of Alliances.

Company Oracle
Position Principal Cloud Strategist


avatar for Thierry Carrez

Thierry Carrez

Thierry Carrez is the Director of Engineering at the OpenStack Foundation, helping ensure the long-term health of the OpenStack upstream open source project. He has been the Release Manager for the OpenStack project since its inception, coordinating the effort and facilitating collaboration between contributors. He is the elected chair of the OpenStack Technical Committee, which is in charge of the technical direction of the project.
Company OpenStack Foundation
Position Director of Engineering
Location France


avatar for Jeromy Carriere

Jeromy Carriere

Jeromy helps lead X.commerce’s directive to enable a new generation of commerce ecosystem capabilities by developing an open commerce platform for merchants and developers. Jeromy has been in lead technical roles for virtually all of his recent career: at Yahoo!, in the Platform/Cloud group; at Vistaprint, a fast-growing marketing services company; at Fidelity Investments; Microsoft; Kinitos; America Online, Inc; and he was co-founder and Chief Architect of Quack.com. Previously, Jeromy worked at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University doing architecture research and… Read more




avatar for Peter Chadwick

Peter Chadwick

Pete Chadwick is the Director Cloud and Systems Management solutions for SUSE. Chadwick has more than 20 years of experience at global technology organizations such as IBM, US Robotics, 3Com and Novell. At SUSE, his responsibilities include comprehensive market and business analysis required to deliver go-to-market strategies for one of SUSE’s priority business areas – cloud. Chadwick is responsible for bringing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to Amazon EC2. Most recently he championed the company’s work with and significant contributions to OpenStack, an open source cloud computing project. He … Read more
Company SUSE
Position Dir. of Product Management - Cloud and Systems Management
Location Greater Boston Area



David Chamard

Location Montreal, Quebec


avatar for Jim Chamings

Jim Chamings

Company Intel
Position Systems Programmer
Location Hillsboro, OR


avatar for Bryan Che

Bryan Che

Bryan Che runs Cloud Product Strategy at Red Hat and is responsible for the overall strategic direction and go-to-market of Red Hat's entire product portfolio and how it comes together to deliver an open hybrid cloud. Previously, Bryan was the General Manager of Red Hat's Cloud Business Unit and brought to market many of Red Hat's products beyond Red Hat Enterprise Linux. He has been with Red Hat since 2002.

Bryan graduated with his bachelor's and master's degrees in Computer Science from MIT. You can follow his blog at http://tentenet.net/ or on Twitter at @bryanwche.
Company Senior Director, Cloud Product Strategy
Position Red Hat


avatar for Gary Chen

Gary Chen

Gary Chen is Research Manager for IDC's Cloud and Virtualization System Software. In this role, Mr. Chen focuses on server virtualization software and its transformational effect on the larger datacenter ecosystem of systems management, networking, storage, and security. His research also focuses on cloud system software, an extension of virtualization that provides the fundamental infrastructure for clouds.

Prior to joining IDC, Mr. Chen was a Senior Analyst at Yankee Group, focusing on small and medium enterprise infrastructure, including virtualization, cloud computing, security, Li…

Read more


avatar for Hui Cheng

Hui Cheng

Hui Cheng is in charge of the OpenStack based private and public IaaS cloud service in Sina.com, and the team leader of Sina Web Service Dev Team(https://launchpad.net/~sws).

Prior to this project, Cheng was a core system developer at Sina App Engine(SAE), the biggest PaaS platform in China.

Cheng has much experiences in architecture design of PaaS and IaaS platform, and has deep understanding of compute visualization and virtual networking. He is also a frequent speaker at cloud-computing events.


avatar for Hui Cheng

Hui Cheng

Hui is the CEO & Founder of UnitedStack Inc., an OpenStack start-up targeting Great China and Asia open cloud market. As a new entrepreneur who has deep engineering background in open source and cloud technologies, Hui gathered a group of powerful and talented OpenStack developers and top engineers from China and U.S., and founded this cloud company to build an open and commoditized cloud OS based on OpenStack as well as some other open source softwares in February 2013. Hui's dream is to build a cloud software company to overthrow the traditional enterprise IT industry, as well as a respectab… Read more
Company UnitedStack Inc.
Position CEO
Location Beijing, China





Roy Chua

Company Wiretap Vetures
Position Partner


avatar for Beth Cohen

Beth Cohen

Beth is a Cloud Networking Product Manager at Verizon, working on developing new cloud products and services. She is also President, Luth Computer Specialists, an independent consultancy specializing in cloud focused solutions to help enterprises leverage the efficiencies of cloud architectures and technologies. Previously, Ms. Cohen was a Senior Cloud Architect with Cloud Technology Partners and the Director of Engineering IT for BBN Corporation, where she was involved with the initial development of the Internet, working on some of the hottest networking and web technology protocols in thei… Read more
Company Verizon
Position Cloud Product Strategist - Verizon
Location Arlington, Massachusetts




avatar for Mark Collier

Mark Collier

Mark has spent his career working on technologies that disrupt industries, from "a computer on every desk", when he worked at Dell in the 90's as a product manager, to the digital music shift as Senior Director of Business Development at Yahoo! Music, to the cloud computing era, where as VP of Business Development at Rackspace he led the effort to embrace an open source development model and build an ecosystem and community around it, resulting in the founding of OpenStack in 2010.

In 2012, he started the OpenStack Foundation, along with Jonathan Bryce, and now serves as it's Chief Operatin… Read more
Company OpenStack Foundation
Position Chief Operating Officer
Location Austin, Texas



Derek Collison

Cloud Foundry author, CEO Apcera, formerly CTO Cloud Platforms VMWare, Director at Google, SVP/Architect at TIBCO




avatar for Billy Cox

Billy Cox

Since joining Intel in 2007, Billy has been leading the Cloud strategy efforts for the Intel Software and Services Group. In addition to his strategy responsibilities, he is also responsible for the Cloud Builders program. In leading the cloud sw activities at Intel, Billy helped found and co-chair the DMTF Cloud Incubator (now the CMWG), works actively with the visible and emerging cloud sw ecosystem, and occasionally emits pearls of wisdom in his blog.

Prior to joining Intel, Billy was Director of Systems Engineering at HP. During his 14 years at HP, he was responsible for the development o…

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avatar for Steve Crago

Steve Crago

Dr. Steve Crago is an Assistant Director of the Computational Systems and Technology division at the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute. He leads the Adaptive Parallel Execution (APEX) research group, which does research on multi-core and many-core software, cloud computing, FPGA-based computing, trusted electronics, and wireless system. He currently leads a project that is developing private cloud infrastructure for heterogeneous high performance computing systems. He has been at USC/ISI’s Arlington facility since 1997. He has a BSCEE and MSEE from Purdue Unive…

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avatar for Gretchen Curtis

Gretchen Curtis

Gretchen Curtis is a Co-Founder andChief Strategy Officer at Piston Cloud Computing, Inc. Prior to Piston Cloud,she was Director of PR & Communications for NASA’s CTO for IT Chris C. Kempand the NASA Nebula cloud computing project (now known as OpenStack compute). Whileat NASA, she was part of the writing team that created NASA’s open governmentplan as well as a core contributor to the Federal Cloud Computing Strategycreated under federal CIO Vivek Kundra.

Gretchen started her career over adecade years ago in technical recruiting, and helped build engineering teams atseveral Silicon Valley co…

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Gaitan D'Antoni

Company Hewlett-Packard
Location Manchester, NH


avatar for Sean Dague

Sean Dague

Sean Dague has been an Open Source developer for most of his professional life. He's part of the HP OpenStack team working to make OpenStack better, contributing to Nova, Devstack, Tempest, and the OpenStack Infrastructure. He created the Mid Hudson Valley Linux Users Group a dozen years ago exposing hundreds to the joys of Open Source.
Company HP
Position Software Engineer
Location Greater New York City Area


avatar for Jake Dahn

Jake Dahn

User Experience Designer + OpenStack Developer for Rackspace Cloud Builders http://rackspace.com/cloudbuilders
Location San Francisco, California


avatar for Doug Davis

Doug Davis

Doug works in IBM's Open Source and Standards division. He's been working on Cloud related technologies for many years and has worked on many of the most popular OSS projects, including OpenStack, CloudFoundry, Docker and Kubernetes.
Company IBM
Position STSM
Location Doug Davis


avatar for Phil Day

Phil Day

Company HP Cloud Service
Position Compute Service Technical Lead


avatar for Lloyd Dewolf

Lloyd Dewolf

Director of Customer at Piston Cloud.

Long time contributor to WordPress, and champion of Free Culture.
Company Piston Cloud Computing, Inc.
Location Victoria, British Columbia


avatar for Angel Diaz

Angel Diaz

Dr. Angel Luis Diaz is Vice President of Software Standards and Cloud for IBM Software Group. In this role, he has global responsibility for driving strategy and management of IBM's industry-leading standards initiative. He manages a global standards community working across international organizations and consortia to foster development of the next generation of interoperability standards,
policies and practices critical to IBM Middleware and foster a new model of standards development supporting IBM growth initiatives including IBM SmarterCloud, Social Business and Business Analytics.

Dr. D…

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avatar for John Dickinson

John Dickinson

John Dickinson is Director of Technology at SwiftStack. SwiftStack is a technology innovator of private cloud storage for today’s applications, powered by OpenStack Object Storage. John serves as the Project Technical Lead for OpenStack Swift and has been involved in the development of Swift since 2009
Company SwiftStack
Position Director of Technology at SwiftStack & Swift PTL
Location United States



Jan Drake

  • Disney
  • Principal Cloud Architect


avatar for Josh Durgin

Josh Durgin

Josh Durgin is the lead developer for the RADOS Block Device (RBD) module within Ceph.
Company Red Hat
Position Senior Software Engineer


avatar for Jan Van Eldik

Jan Van Eldik

Jan van Eldik studied experimental High-Energy Physics at the University of Amsterdam, working on the DELPHI experiment during the 1990’s. He joined CERN’s IT department in 2000, and has been working as a Service Manager in a variety of services – monitoring, data, virtualization.

Since 2012, Jan has been leading the team that operates CERN’s private OpenStack cloud. This service provides resources to the physics experiments and other customer groups in the organization, and has grown to an infrastructure of 150.000 cores, providing Virtual Machines, Block Storage and Containers to end-users.… Read more
Company CERN
Position Cloud Service Manager
Location Geneva, Switzerland


avatar for Greg Elkinbard

Greg Elkinbard

Greg Elkinbard has over 2 decades of experience in platform and cloud engineering, working on creating breakthrough technology for cloud and high performance computing arena.  As Senior Director of Program Management for Mirantis, he is responsible for building on demand IaaS and PaaS layers for public and private clouds at marquis Fortune 1000 and late stage venture-funded customers. Greg has led and served on teams that brought to market a number of successful cloud, Web, security, networking and embedded OS development projects, up to leading a 50-engineer unit developing software in a glob…

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avatar for John Engates

John Engates

John Engates joined Rackspace in August 2000, just a year after the company was founded, as Vice President of Operations, managing the datacenter operations and customer-service teams. Two years later, when Rackspace decided to add new services for larger enterprise customers, John created and helped develop the Intensive Hosting business unit

Most recently, John has played an active role in the evolution and evangelism of Rackspace’s cloud-computing strategy and cloud products. John meets frequently with customers to hear about their needs and concerns, and to discuss Rackspace’s …

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avatar for Rob Esker

Rob Esker

Company NetApp, Inc.
Position Sr. Product Manager / Architect
Location Austin, Texas


avatar for Rob Esker

Rob Esker

Member, board of directors, OpenStack; product management and strategy, NetApp - Rob's been involved in the OpenStack community dating to its origin in 2010. He founded NetApp’s OpenStack effort and presently serves as a member of the foundation's Board of Directors. He's contributed to the community and overall adoption of OpenStack in capacities ranging from having co-founded the Manila project, architected the earliest OpenStack on NetApp deployments, frequently speaking at design summits, conferences and user groups (over 5 continents), and he still dabbles as an occasional ATC. His tenu… Read more
Company NetApp Inc
Position Product Management & Strategy



Chris Ferris

CTO Cloud Standards, IBM


avatar for Tom Fifield

Tom Fifield

After working on scalability in computing at particle physics experiments like ATLAS at the Large Hadron Collider, Tom led the creation of a cloud designed for the publicly-funded research sector in Australia.It currently serves thousands of researchers directly, using many datacentres over a broad geographical area.
Following working as a cloud architecture consultant and team lead for several years, Tom is currently harnessing his passion for large scale distributed systems by focusing on their most important part: people. As Community Manager at the OpenStack Foundation it's his job to make… Read more
Position OpenStack community manager
Location fifieldt


avatar for David M Fishman

David M Fishman

David is responsible for putting Mirantis front and center with customers and developers across OpenStack and the open source ecosystem. He has over two decades of experience in IT marketing, business and operations  across a range of technology domains. Previously, he's held executive leadership roles at Lucene/big data startup Lucid Imagination, HP, Sun Microsystems, and Mercury Interactive. David has worked in datacenter disciplines such as reliability and high availability, performance, application development, open source and service level management/SLAs. He is also an experienced Six S… Read more
Company Mirantis
Position VP Marketing, Mirantis
Location San Francisco Bay Area



Diane Fleming

Company Rackspace Managed Hosting
Position Writer
Location Austin, Texas






avatar for Lance Galey

Lance Galey

Company Cisco WebEx
Position Principal Engineer


avatar for Kurt Garloff

Kurt Garloff

In parallel to his university studies in physics, Kurt Garloff started working with and in Linux in the mid 90s. After receiving his degree from Universtiy of Dortmund and doing plasma physics research at Eindhoven University of Technology, he started dedicating his energy full time to Linux and joind SUSE Linux AG working on the Linux kernel and on security related projects. Kurt became director of the renowned SUSE Labs department in 2003 and served as acting VP Engineering for SUSE in 2006. He subsequently received Leadership Training at Harvard Business School and took on VP roles in Produ…

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avatar for Anne Gentle

Anne Gentle

Anne Gentle works in open source projects with the OpenStack project at Rackspace, using open source techniques for API design and documentation. She is responsible for ensuring the docs.openstack.org site contains relevant and accurate documentation for 20 projects written in Python across 130 git repositories. She advocates for cloud users and administrators by providing accurate technical information to increase OpenStack adoption as a cloud for the world.
Company Rackspace
Position Content Stacker
Location Austin, TX


avatar for Joseph George

Joseph George

Joseph B George is the Director of Product Strategy for Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions at Dell, the team is responsible for developing innovative open source solutions such as the Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution, the Dell Apache Hadoop Solution, and the Dell Crowbar software framework. Prior to coming to Dell, Joseph held key strategy, product management, and technical roles at companies like HP, BMC Software, and Halliburton. Covering areas such as enterprise management software, virtual desktops infrastructure (VDI), scale out computing, and transaction management, Joseph h… Read more
Company Dell
Position Director of Product Strategy for Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions
Location Austin, TX USA



Camuel Gilyadov

I'm passionate about leveraging the cloud for BigData and also about making cloudware more lightweight and simpler. Check http://zerovm.org for more details and also http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3746222

I'm also a blogger at http://BigDataCraft.com


avatar for Eoghan Glynn

Eoghan Glynn

Eoghan is a Principal Software Engineer at the Red Hat OpenStack Infrastructure group, and is serving as Technical Lead for the OpenStack Telemetry Program over the Juno & Kilo cycles. Prior to OpenStack, Eoghan was at Amazon working on AWS monitoring services,.
Company Red Hat
Position Principal Engineer
Location Dublin, Ireland


avatar for Tristan Goode

Tristan Goode

With 25 years experience in the IT industry Tristan has built a solid reputation as an innovative architect in systems infrastructure and enterprise solutions for corporate and Internet. Forward-thinking with strong attention to detail, Tristan has been responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining solutions for the likes of NEC, UUNet, Intel, and Primus Telecom. As CEO of Aptira, he's postitioned the company as an innovative managed hosting company in Australia and SE Asia, and is leading the way with OpenStack "downunder" by founding and sponsoring the Australian OpenStack Users Gr…

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