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Hui Cheng

UnitedStack Inc.
Beijing, China
Hui is the CEO & Founder of UnitedStack Inc., an OpenStack start-up targeting Great China and Asia open cloud market. As a new entrepreneur who has deep engineering background in open source and cloud technologies, Hui gathered a group of powerful and talented OpenStack developers and top engineers from China and U.S., and founded this cloud company to build an open and commoditized cloud OS based on OpenStack as well as some other open source softwares in February 2013. Hui's dream is to build a cloud software company to overthrow the traditional enterprise IT industry, as well as a respectable open source company that could be heaven for technical engineers.Prior to starting his own business, Hui was the technical leader of the OpenStack team in Sina, where he initiated the first OpenStack based on public Iaas cloud in China, while leading his team to become the No.1 corporate contributor in China.