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Caitlin Bestler is Sr. Director of Architecture at Nexenta Systems. Caitlin first dealt with extremely large distributed systems in the form of cable TV control systems that required keeping the data retained by each set-top box coherent with the headend databases. The number of set-tops to be managed was typically more than 100,000 but the data per set-top was quite small – literally under 64 bytes. Now she works on distributed systems that involve mere thousands of servers, but with considerably more data.

The transition was a startup called Ikadega where she worked on the architecture of a video server that included a custom back-plane to allow shared retrieval of MPEG movies from ATA disk drives. The need for a standard API to express separation of control and data led to her involvement with RDMA, working as co-chair of the Direct Access Transport to develop the DAPL APIs and authoring some of the RDMA RFCs. This led to doing architecture work related to virtualization and networking for Ethernet NIC vendors, which led back to distributed Storage systems.

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Thursday, April 19

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